Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A rant.

Day 22. A rant.

I don't really have much to rant about, except for perhaps some stuff on travel.

People. Is it really necessary to block aisles when you are boarding or deboarding a plane? Waiting for someone? Move aside. And when they announce our descent into whatever airport we are landing in is it really necessary for you to jump up and fiddle with your bags in the overhead compartment? We are landing for gods sake. Buckle your darn seat belt.

Tourism is huge in San Francisco. Tourists, move the heck out of my way. Sure, Chinatown is awesome. And Union Square has lots of fancy shops to Oooh and Ahh over. But if you want to do those things, please don't walk 5 across and take up the entire sidewalk. It would be really helpful if you would move out of the way if you wanted to take a photo of something random instead of taking up the sidewalk space. And please don't yell at me when I cross a one way street with no cars coming. Also, heed our warning - wear layers. San Francisco gets cold during the summer. No, we're not lying. Yes, this is California.

People on public transit - share your darn seats. There's really no need to put your backpack on an empty seat in rush hour when you know tired people will want to sit down. Don't be selfish, move over. If you see someone who needs a seat more than you do offer it up. Why should someone your grandma's age be forced to stand just because they got on two stops after you? Be respectful and offer your space up.

And please.. don't be afraid to ask for directions.

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  1. Don't even get me started on airplanes! My personal favorite are the people who cannot get through security. And yes, water bottles aren't allowed but your Jamba Juice isn't either...that was a real life conversation I had. #tragic


    1. Bwahaha, I was amazed at the stuff people were bringing in their carry-ons to Mexico.. and at the airport agriculture took so much stuff from them! Oi.

  2. I remember when living in New York I stayed clear of all of the tourist locations due to many of the things you mentioned here. I'm not sure where to start with my own rant... there's too much! I think the one thing all of these complaints have in common is people being inconsiderate and thinking they are the only people on the planet or at least the only ones who matter.

    1. I agree! I mean... if anything, I try to be more aware when I'm traveling since I know what its like!


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